Friday, 28 September 2012

(un-finished) story board as i am unsure what panels to do next:-

simple room layout for animation 3d project

scene from independance day reference


INDEPENDENCE DAY SCENE:- (ABOVE/5.10-6.50 SECONDS of video) Scene where Captain Hiller and David are inside the 1950's alien craft inside the mothership,they sit down questioning and then finally giving in and lighting a cigar, they pause for a moment almost expecting their fate that their trapped,then the emotion in David's face changes,he smiles and says "only one thing left to do", "are you ready",steve replies "YES SIR!" they both stand up back to their seats and wave goodbye to the alien then fire the nuclear missle. i admire the suttle twist in the scene were it turns out they do have a way to escape, but the audience is unaware of it until Davis surgests they have a plan of action,the scene has a clear view of a strong emotion change,from sad to happy,a noble sacrifice with a painful realisation to a confidence and thoughtout happiness knowing they will survive,how this scene plays out is what i will be using in my 10-20 second animation. my scene idea is to create a room that appears some what like a aircrapt cockpit and my two male characters playing out their scene where it appears their going to crash or the plane has something wrong with it,the characters under take a similar dialogue to David and Captian Hiller,they have the same emotion change and turn confident,both look forward and they the camera changes and you see our two characters are actually playing PACMAN trying to get the cherry and succeeding.