Friday, 14 December 2012

Norman Lip sync 2D (with sound) and 3D image:-

From looking at the keyframes from my 2D lip sync with SOUND i have started to keyframe Normans Lip sync out in maya which is proving effective,I still need to add the sound to maya to see if the lips and timing are efficient,at the moment the maya lip sync is quite fast and i will need to slow it down.

starting the animation:-

I started the animation of the norman rig,we had to create a walk cycle to get rhe hang of controlling him,my walk cycle is far from perfect so i will keep working on it. My scene actually doesn't have any form of a walk cycle or standing of any kind,my norman will completely be sitting down,with arm,head and facial movements.

UV Mapping in Photoshop,texturing and ideas:-

UV mapping in photoshop,still unfinished,still working on what images and textures to use,found this process to be very confusing and difficult to understand,only just got the hang of UV mapping with help from the tutors.the blue image is a lazar image from google images,and so is the 'game over' image i am using for the TV.

Interier UV Mapping

I started to UV Map the interier of my Arcade with the checkered pattern.

Third:- UV mapping

Third:- I began UV mapping the exterior of the Arcade,I placed a white and black checkered pattern to check if the mapping was neat and consistent.

Secondly:- The Wheel

Secondly i added a wheel using a Polygon Torus' then added less subdivisions,i then selected certain faces and extruded them OUT to create the star shape in the centre.

First Arcade Developments:-

first developments of my Arcade,i created the shape my using Mesh>create Polygon tool' then extruding the flat polygon,then i extruded parts of the polygon IN to create the TV,The seats are a separate Polygon that was also made by using the 'create polygon tool' and extruding it OUT. I imported the Norman Rig to make sure the  Arcade was to the right size.